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Getting kicked out at 18

I’m currently 17 turning 18 in January. It’s currently November and my mom is saying as soon as I turn 18 I will be getting kicked out . I know it is legal to no longer take care of your child at 18 I take huge responsibility in my life . I currently have a job bringing around 1700 a month I don’t have a car . I pay for my phone bill and Pay 300$ a month for a rides to get to work . I’m currently in my senior year of high school .My mom asks for 800$ a month I currently have no clue what I should do . Have any advice ? It would be greatly appreciated 💙

Is my friend giving me bad financial advice about paying back my student loans?

My friend went to school for finance, so one would like to think he knows what he’s talking about but I’m genuinely lost about what he’s saying.

I have $72k in loans, plan to move home and pay at least half of that in a year and then pay off the rest of that within a few years. My loans are between 5% to 7% and I plan to tackle the 7% first.

He tried to tell me that the 20-25 year program is always the way to go. All the research I’ve seen shows that’s absolutely not the case and that interest will be massive. He’s insisting I’m dumb for trying to pay my loans quicker.

He then said he only pays $39 a month for his $120k student loan debt and said that’s all he’ll have to pay for 20 years. Is that possible in any realm or is he being delusional? For reference, he has next to nothing income right now, so this may be true for now, but he’ll eventually be paying more than $39 a month if his income increases correct?

Then he tried to tell me private loans are better and more flexible than federal.

Now he’s saying he made his private loans into federal to qualify for federal programs. Is that even possible?

He’s insisting these are all facts, but I can’t find anything to back it up. Am I crazy?

just found out my family used my social

howdy, hope yall are having a better day than i. I’m wondering what i can possibly do, any help is appreciated. i had never really checked my credit, i knew it wasn’t outstanding since ive never opened any credit cards, of financed anything. I’ve always payee cash, and I have been living with a roommate since i was 18, bills are in his name. i did however get a loan for a new car recently (July) and was excited to start building my credit up finally, so i checked my credit, it was around 650. shortly after i opened a secure credit card to help raise it up a bit. id check on it every other week or so. about a week ago it suddenly dropped to 557. i was very confused, I payed my bills on time. when I check what happened it shows a couple collections have been added to my file. they don’t say much, but it did say “Cox Communications” and “elder management” which I googled is a renter in my area. like I said Wi-Fi/cable is in my roommates name, and I’ve been living here since I was 18. I filed a dispute, and got a report saying that the collections were correct. after digging deeper, it shows my current address as a previous address, and 2 addresses I have never lived at as current. I recognized the address as my families. i told my family, and they refuse to pay it, what can i do? i dont really want them to go to prison over $1900. i filed a dispute on the 2 addresses that i dont live at but if they turnover am i just stuck having to cough up the money? thanks

Sold some crypto, small profit. 97% was held Long Term, but 3% will be Short Term. How to handle taxes?

I sold some Crypto and made a small profit. I’ve never sold crypto before or had to file taxes to claim capital gains.

I’m going to use the Last In First Out Method, as this allows me to sell the crypto I paid the highest price for and reduce my profit.

A very small portion of what I sold was bought 48 weeks ago so it will be a short term capital gain. The rest I had been holding for 1 year+.

* Total Sale Proceeds $14,827
* Total cost of the portion sold using LIFO $3,531
* $11,295 profit

I sold 0.571 in total.

* 0.555 I had been holding for 1year+
* 0.0153 I had held for less than one year


* 2.68% of what was sold is Short Term Taxable
* 97.32% will be a long term gain therefore Long Term Tax

Can I just multiply those by the profit?

* 2.68% * $11,295 = $302.7 at short term gain
* 97.32% * $11,295 = $10,992 at long term gain

And does turbo tax allow you to file it this way? I use turbo tax every year.

Thank you

Credit Score Increase Method


Is this the best way to raise me score …

Lets say I have 4 credit cards maxed out at 10k each so 40k total all with the same interest rate, If I have 20k to pay off the cards should I pay 5k towards each card to lower the credit utilization or pay off 2 cards in full?


Freezing Credit After Break In

Hey so I had a break in the other day when I wasn’t home. Oddly they only stole jewelry that I know of but, a lot of papers with personal information was in my house. Although those papers weren’t taken I’m taking extra precaution to put an alert and freeze on my credit accounts and anything else I possibly can. Just in case they wrote anything down.

I did a freeze and fraud alert with the three major credit reporting agencies as well as with ChexSystems for bank accounts.

However when I tried to place a freeze on NCTSE (national consumer telecom and security exchange report) the lady on the phone said I do not have a report to freeze. I found that odd as I have a phone bill (T mobile) in my name as well as electric (FPL). She said they “don’t always receive everything?”
I decided to try again on the online portal and again, it says there is issues processing my request and to provide in writting my personal information. However, the personal information they are asking of me I gave to the lady on the phone and on the online portal? So why would mailing it in make a difference? Is it odd I don’t have a report? Will someone still be able to open accounts with phones, electric/water companies etc. since… I don’t have an account to freeze??

Also are there any other accounts or things I should freeze to be on the safe side?

Buying a car directly from a stranger

Hello, not sure if this is a good place to post a question like this. I’ve been looking at used teslas for a while now and they’re finally getting down to a point where I’m happy with the prices. I like some of the deals I’m seeing from people in facebook groups and other random sites, but I’m wondering why I should, or should not buy directly from another stranger.

What are some things I should be worried about where I could get screwed here? I mean the obvious problem is I could find a car in a direct purchase for cheaper than going through a dealership, but it isn’t clear to me what benefits I’m getting from a dealership that I might miss out on. Are there protections in place or something where I shouldn’t consider buying from someone random online?

If you’ve ever purchased a car directly from someone you didn’t personally know prior please let me know how that experience went as well.

What’s the point of an emergency fund?

I(22m) have 80k in ETFs through a combination of 401k and a personal brokerage, and 5k in my checking account.

If I have an emergency, could I not just sell off some of my portfolio to pay for what I need?

I also don’t see the point of HYSA, since the stock market generates higher expected returns.

Can someone explain the need for an emergency fund in my case?

Pay off auto loan or Student loan first?

I am currently considering buying a home but want to pay down a bit of debt first.

Car Loan: $10,900 @ 5.99%

Student Loan:
1. $1098.62 @ 6.55%
2. $3,374.19 @ 3.150%

I make a little over 100k and I’m wondering if there is any real strategy I should use to pay them off? Smaller or bigger debts first? Or just try working on both? I just paid off all my credit cards so those 25%+ APRs can’t terrorize me anymore. I just started making this wage so I’m trying to be more financially responsible and literate.