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Tips on negotiating severance ?

Got laid off, not my fault they simply “eliminated my position”.
No severance. Nada. Just my paid vacation days I had earned (4x days).

I wrote asking for 2x weeks severance pay, they countered with 1x and week and asked I sign a severance contract. They have not shown me the contract yet.

Should I keep pushing for 2 weeks? Any tips appreciated.

Made a mistake with Roth IRA?

I created a Roth IRA through Fidelity about a year ago. When I first made my contribution I decided to put the max annual amount ($6,000) into the account and purchase funds immediately.

I put most of it FSKAX with the rest going to some select technology funds. FYI I am already contributing to a 401k through my employer that is setup for a target retirement date fund.

In January 2022 I did the same thing and put the max annual contribution amount into the same funds. Obviously this was not a smart choice as the market has tumbled almost month after month since then. I’ve lost about 15% on average since initially funding the account.

I wanted to know if there was something else I should or could be doing with the money in the Roth IRA, or if I should just leave it and in the future only purchase funds at regular intervals throughout the year, rather than a lump sump at the beginning of the year.

Am I getting any benefit by being in a Traditional IRA if I am funding it with after-tax dollars?

I current have a Traditional IRA that I fund with after-tax dollars. I put the maximum of $6k in each year. I am not able to take a tax deduction for the Traditional IRA because my income is over the limit that allows for deductions… so as far as I am understanding, the Traditional IRA is not benefitting me, right?
Instead, I should roll over into a Roth IRA, right? So that I am not taxed when I take money out in the future, and because there is no tax benefit to me today? Thank you for helping!

680 Credit Score at 18 Good? How do I grow it fast?

Hey, Im 18 and i have a 680 credit score I was wondering if thats good since Im only 18 and will continue to grow it.

I also dont know how to grow it fast. Currently Im a participant in family sharing for Apple Credit card where I spend monthly my dad pays it and I will be reported to credit bureaus. I also just applied for Discover IT student card as-well to grow my score. My only income is doordash and savings. Tips things I need to know going foward?

If buying a house isn’t the answer, what is? Renting forever?

I keep seeing people say that owning a home is this unnecessary “American dream”, and that it’s a bad idea, since most people don’t want to stay living in the same spot for the rest of their life.

My question would then be, “If buying a house is not smart, what is the smart decision?”. Is it just renting a house/apartment for the rest of your life? I did some math based on national averages in the U.S., and it looks like buying a home is a bigger investment of cash up front, but renting for your entire life would cost more in the long run. So what exactly is the answer here? I’m becoming more and more worried about how i’ll ever be able to find affordable housing.

Looking for advice on what to put down when purchasing a home

Wife and I are divorcing and she’s buying out my equity in our current home. This should leave me with approx 170k. I’m really not sure what size/cost home I’m looking for, but likely > 350k. So the usual recommendation of 20% down would be 70k. Wanted to know thoughts on putting down more/less/all of the 170k available. If the not all, what would you do with the remaining? My finances are pretty good as far as 401k, HSA, IRA, emergency savings, etc. Only debt is 20k remaining on auto loan with low rate. With mortgage rates higher I expect that should probably be a priority, but I’m definitely no expert.

Should I pay my Loans off??

TL/DR: should I pay my loans off or pay partially and keep the accounts open?

My credit score dropped 80-100 points (different scores) because of loans and credit utilization during home renovations. The home is currently being sold and with the profits I plan on paying off all/some debt. I already have the credit utilization under control but I still have 3 loans: $13k, $10k, and $5k.

These are my options

1) Pay off all 3 loans and be debt free.

2) Partially pay down the loans to lower my debt-to-income.

What would be the pros and cons of each option?? I’m aware that paying off the loans would temporarily drop my score. I’m also aware that having the high loan balances affects my debt-to-income ratio.

Thanks in advance!

Merchant refund process has stretch on nearly 60 days and my chargeback window is closing

I ordered some sporting equipment back in February. I ordered several sizes and intended to return the sizes that didn’t fit. Upon submitting the RMA request, they said that they are experiencing a 30 day processing time (just to approve the return). I finally received authorization, and promptly mailed them back. Upon receiving the item, I got an email stating it will take another 30 days to process and issue a credit. I’m now approaching the 60 day limit for filing a chargeback, and I can’t get in touch with the retailer (no phone number or chat, email returns an automated message stating 10 to 30 day response time). I don’t anticipate having to file a chargeback, unless I never receive a refund. But at that point, my window will be closed. For reference, the refund amount is approximately $1,000. What would you do?