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Amscot Cash Advance Denied After Given Routing Number

So I went to go do a cash advance to have some extra funds for shopping. I make enough money now where paying them back on my next check wouldn’t hurt much. Plus I get paid again in a few days. I just didn’t wanna wait! So I go to amscot and while they’re doing the paper work and I send my documents she comes back and asks for my routing number. I gave this to her and then was told that I have an advance out already that I need to pay. I recall one from years ago that I used to help my girlfriend at the time pay rent. I was given paper work and told that they can tell me where to make the payment below. My concern is this though. Why did she take my routing number? Are they trying to do something to
My account?

Bank Switching Offers

Some UK banks offer cash incentives to “switch” banks. I’m new to finance, but what does “switch” actually mean? Could I just open an account, use the money, and never touch the account ever again, and using my existing favourite bank? Are there any downsides to this?

I need help paying for a root canal.

I am 25 years old & this is my first experience dealing with something like this. I don’t know what to do. Long story short I need 2 root canal’s and my appointment is scheduled 12/11. I have about $1800 to my name and the operation costs $3000. (2 procedures, crown, x-rays) and whatever else. I’m insured through my employer but I’m only allowed $1000 per benefit period & have already used about $600 of that on standard appointments this year. Here is my problem. The place doing the operation is a “pay for service” establishment. I have to have the whole $3000 up front before they even look at my mouth. But I need this done. I have a single credit card but it’s maxed out rn. Can’t go to parents. Any advice appreciated.

How to use my 10k p/m social media revenue to safeguard my future

So, I basically make 10k a month on YT (which I feel very fortunate for) but am worried about its longevity. One algorithm change or policy tweak and my revenue could drop or disappear completely.

Any ideas how I could use a portion/part of the monthly revenue to make sure that – should anything happen with the channel – I would have some sort of financial security?

Currently thinking:

– Pay more towards mortgage
– Set up a business (but what?)
– Invest (but where, I’ve never done it before)

Any suggestions or guidance very welcome. 😊

Thoughts on my plan?

I’m 33 and own on a home worth 320k at 2.875% for 28 more years. I owe 220k left. I have 130k in various retirement accounts. 15k emergency fund. And 220k in hysa. I recently quit a toxic job and now work at a part time job making just enough to meet my general monthly bills. My plan was to invest the 220k and consider myself as ‘coastFIRE’ but I’m reevaluating. My monthly bills are around 2500 a month. I’m looking for a new job but it’s a struggle and find myself not excited for the interview nor the prospect of working a corporate 9 to 5 again. Thinking maybe paying the house off and reducing expenses by around 1k. My then monthly expenses would be 1500 which I could basically then get any job to meet my current lifestyle. Thoughts?

Company owner using brothers finance company for retirement plan

The company I work for was acquired a few years ago, and they are now moving over our previous Simple IRA to a new one with his brother’s investment group.
Everything I can see shows this is a real company with all the proper licensing and has been in business for a suitable amount of time. However, with the family relationship what if any additional steps should I take, if any?
Request additional documentation, like compensation disclosures?

Vehicle Buying Advice

I’m pretty sick of the decision making here. My old car was just totaled in an accident and I got $2,000 for it. I had it for over 10 years, so that’s pretty good.

I live in Los Angeles and I have to move at the end of February so I don’t know how walkable my next neighborhood will be once I find a place. My current one is ok. I can get to a grocery store and a couple of coffee shops and bars. But I can’t easily get to a friends house and I hate the public transportation here. I also have So I think I need a car. If somebody wants to try and convince me I dont, I’m all ears. I hate owning a car.

All that being said, I think I’m going to buy a new vehicle in the next week or two.

For my personal financial situation, I have $230,000 in savings/liquid investments so I’m just planning on pulling money out of that and paying cash for whatever I buy. I make $150,000 and my wife makes $100,000. She has a car with 80,000 miles that’s completely paid off and we have no other debt. We’re paying $2500 a month in rent right now and would like to buy a house if prices ever get reasonable around here.

There are so many options out there and I’m not sure what to do. My normal MO would be to buy a certified used Toyota vehicle. But they’re so god damned expensive right now, it made me start to consider other options. If I’m paying $25,000, I might be able to get a new vehicle for a similar price.

I’m interested in EVs for helping the environment, and it just seems like the right direction to go. I also just generally think they’re cool. Considering all the incentives, they’re seemingly cheaper maintenance, and the gas savings, I’m wondering if they’re not as much more expensive as they seem than a comparable gas car.

I do have some fear of where I’ll be able to charge it though considering I’m currently street parking. I wouldn’t be opposed to paying to park somewhere a bit to protect it, and possibly charge it but I don’t even know if that’s possible? It feels stupid to let this block me, because I want to keep the next car I buy for ten plus years, and I don’t want to make the decision based on a temporary inconvenience.

Anyway, my budget is relatively arbitrary on the car, but I just don’t really want to get ripped off, yknow? I’m trying to not be stupid about it. Should I get an EV? Should I get like a brand new Subaru crosstrek for $28,000? Should I get a new rav 4 for $30,000? Is spending cash smart, or should I try and finance it if I can get a low or zero percent interest rate? Should I just get a car with 100,000 miles for $14,000?

I do like to use the car for weekend trips to go hiking, camping and mountain biking. So I do get to some relatively rough roads. Nothing insane though

I’m looking for a bit more cargo room than a sedan, but not a lot. I want a decent sized backseat for my family of four. Just feeling overwhelmed, and all advice is welcome.

Questions about Schwab app

I’m new to the Schwab App and have some questions.

I have ~23k invested primarily in VOO and recently opened a Roth IRA which has nothing in it.

When I look at the “balances” section of my personal taxable account there is a section entitled “cash and cash investments” and “cash and money market” and they both list $-994.60.

What does this number mean and why is it negative?

I’ve been getting margin interest deducted from my account but I dont remember using margins ever. Does that have something to do with the negative cash?


When I go to the transfer section there is a section titled cash and it lists $11,107 for my taxable account. What does this number mean?

How do I get money from my checking account into my roth IRA and actually buy stocks?

Transfer->cash -> from my checking account to my roth ira -> then buy stocks with that money?

Appreciate the help.