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Do we spend some savings? Increase down payment or travel?

My (37f) and husband (37m) have about 60k in our “big/future ideas” savings account. Our goal for this account is for a down payment for a house. We currently rent. We have decided to renew our lease for 2 years due to crazy housing prices and our rent is super low for our area and we love the house. We both agree to keep putting money into the account (about 10k a year). The average housing price for our school district is about 600k.

Question: One of us wants to spend about 20k this year to go on two epic big family vacations (with our 10 year old daughter). The other person wants to keep to our 3k a year vacation budget and do our 1 traditional family vacation and not take away from this account.

What should we do?

Edit: What is the “responsible” amount to spend on family vacations right now?

How do I negotiate with Bank of America

I was an immigrant moved to this country in 2014. Did 3 Masters, got paid well used to earn 120k per year until 2021 when pandemic stuck ..and before that in 2020 I lost my savings during an crypto hack . Until now I had no need of taking a debt or negotiation. I paid out college fee for all my 3 Masters. I had credit debts with 3 banks 1. Amex 2. Dcu 3. Bofa 4. Paypal credit .. Expect BOFA I will be able to pay of them. In 2022 this fker Celcius filed for bankrucpy all my savings are stuck and gone . In 2021 I left USA due to health problems after corona. My salary in my birth country doesnt match with the salaries in USA and i was stuck here due to an huge waiting time of 1 to 2 years with immigration there are no slots for inteviews to even enter United states .I was stuck with 13 thousand dollars of bofa credit card amount which I can pay it easily if I can enter USA. Now for 1 and half year im paying the promotional amount of 0 percent and paying the min fee now my savings are gone in celcius bankrucpy what should I do .I have some crypto assets which I can liquidate but it will just cover only 3 thousand dollars at this time.. How do I negotiate with BOFA. I Don t want them too take me too collections as it will effect my immigration in the future.. Can I do debt settlement 1 time with bofa? I can ask my cousins some cash and can drag up to 6 thousand dollars and close the settlement asap.

Sponsorship goals and opportunities

I’m a high level athlete (freestyle wrestler) who has plans to travel and compete around Europe this year. I live in Australia meaning travel fees ect. will be expensive so I’m hoping to amass some sponsors to help pay for the trip. It may be me being overly optimistic, but I very much like to believe that there is a group of businesses and companies that would very much like the international publicity and marketing I could offer them during my stay. I will no doubt meet and come into contact with thousands of other athletes as well as the general public, so I definitely think there is room for widespread advertisement.

My only concern is that I don’t know which potential companies to contact and how to effectively get my message out there.

Am I being overly ambitious?

Any feedback is appreciated

Best Budgeting App for a Newbie?

Somehow I’ve made it into my 40s, own a home, have two kids, pay (almost) all my bills on time, and yet I have no idea how to create a budget and save for retirement.

Who’s using a great budgeting app that can help me keep track of the money coming in and going out and maybe even help me save a little, too?

Purchase Agreement disallows Discount Points?

Hi all

I’m helping my Dad compare rates among loans for a property he recently signed on. In the purchase agreement, it states “buyer shall pay discount points not to exceed 0% of the loan amount.” Since my Dad’s English is limited, I’ve been looking online for as attractive of an offer as he can get currently. I found some good rates, but many of them include paying the discount points in exchange for a lower rate. Does this mean we cannot select any offers with discount points? It doesn’t make sense because the seller wouldn’t pay any closing costs anyway, right?

I practically have no experience with home buying/selling so any help is appreciated

At what rate and what length would you do a CD?

I am seeing online savings account at around 3.2%. I’m seeing CDs between 3.5-4.5% for 8-12 months. And what amount and length would you consider a CD? Best to forgo the higher interest rate with a CD and just do an online savings account for the flexibility of not being tied to a particular time period?

Work for myself full time or stick it out for the pension?

I am a mental health therapist living and working in Alberta Canada. I work as a mental health therapist through our public health system here 4 days a week, and run a small private practice through my own company on the side. My private practice is booming, I have a great caseload and a waitlist of clients who want to work with me due to my specialization. I am trying to decide if I should quit my public health employee job and just work for myself full time.

Here are some of the facts I am considering:

I am married with a 7 year old child. My partner makes about $2400 a month at a warehouse job. He does not have a pension through his job.

I have fibromyalgia.
It’s a pretty mild case, but it has gotten worse as things at my healthcare job have gotten more stressful
Driving to my current public health job causes me a lot of pain.
Working private practice means I will get to mostly work from home (seeing clients virtually) or walk down the street to an office space I sublet (very affordable, $20 an hour)
I feel a lot better when I can work from home, I can stretch and use heating pads more, cuddle cats, go for a nice walk at lunch and sit near a sunny window.
However, this condition could worsen as I get older (I’m 33) and I sometimes worry I will need to go on short term disability.
Also however the research on fibro says staying as active as I can helps, and luckily my job doesn’t require any manual labor.

My current healthcare job pays my about $3500 a month after taxes, pension payments ($300), parking ($150), healthcare contributions, and EI and CPP contributions.
Through my pension calculator, if I stay at this job I can retire at 60 and get a pension payment of about $3000 a month.
I am lucky to get a small raise every year. The maximum I can earn in my position is $77,000 gross income.
This job is stable, I am not likely to get laid off
I get paid the same even if clients don’t show or cancel.
I like the work, I am mostly pretty autonomous
However, the job is higher pressure than working privately. I see people who are really unwell, often suicidal, and who need very intensive supports.
I do have to show up at work at 8am which means I have to rush my son out the door for 7:20, pay for before care at school.
I am not able to work from home when I need to (which really helps my physical health when I have a flare up).

My private practice has been open for 7 months and in that time I earned a gross income of $14000. This was from seeing about 2-5 clients a week.
I have calculated if I work 4 days a week seeing 15 clients a week and charging $190 a session (the going rate for therapy where I live), and I give myself 6 weeks of paid vacation a year I can make a gross income of $131,000.
If I save 30% for taxes ($40,000), and have about $1000 monthly expenses (space rental, website fee, I have very little running costs) I should take home $79,000 a year, or about $6500 a month.
I have the option to expand, take on a less experienced therapist who fits my specialization, offer them supervision and marketing and a caseload for a cut of their fee. I wouldn’t want to do this unless it was the right person, and I would want a fair deal which I believe is about 30% of their rate. This could land me some mostly passive income.
I leave my private therapy sessions often with MORE energy than when I started them because I find the work truly fulfilling and I feel fairly compensated for my work.
If clients cancel or no show I charge their credit card and still receive some payment, usually around $100 a session. I do not tend to get a lot of no shows and have a software the automatically reminds clients of sessions.

If I were to work for myself I would of course invest in retirement savings (I would welcome any advice on how best to invest), I’m thinking at least $500 a month.

What would you do if you were me and had these options?

question about financing a new sled

i am 16, i have a very stable job and $300 government cheques coming in monthly. i’m looking at financing a new sled for a little over 17k. the government payments alone should cover the monthly payments but i’m hesitant because i’ve heard lots of bad stories