Get a loan collateralized by investment portfolio, and invest that money?

I’m in the process of buying a house in Mexico. I could technically pay cash, but a friend suggested that, with inflation where it is, why not get a loan for half the value of the house, collateralized by my investment portfolio, and instead invest that money into stocks or bonds. Inflation will make the loan cheap, and I’ll get a better return with that money.

Why do you think? Is this is a good plan? Any reason not to do this?

Credit score from one company increasing, decreasing by another?

Hello all, I apologize in advance if this is a stupid question. I currently have 3 forms of credit, 2 credit cards and an auto loan. My credit limit is around 6,000 dollars, and I utilize about 10-15% every month. Every month I check my updated FICO score from each of my credit card providers (Discover, Citi) and they differ by about 40 points typically.

This month my discover score went up 4 points to 742 while my Citi score fell by 6 points to 700. What’s the reason for this difference if they’re both FICO scores? Citi cites having too many lines of credit as a problem, while discover credits this as a benefactor to my score. For context, I am a 20 year old college student working full time, so I don’t have a long credit history (2 years). I’d like to raise my score as much as possible, thanks for any help

Cashing in old stock certificates

My grandmother recently gave me an envelope of stock certificates circa 1960s. I don’t recognize the companies and most don’t show up on a Google search. It’s hard to say if the companies went bankrupt or merged with others. What’s the best way to check if these have value?

Buying a new vehicle. What should I be looking at?

In my market I’m looking at Tacomas as they meet my needs close to perfectly. Used Tacomas from the last five model years 2017 onward are selling for more than new Tacomas. Used Tacoma’s 2014 and onward are almost matching price.

This appears to be because inventory of new is so, so low right now. Over the weekend there were less than 20 Tacomas on dealer lots that were not pending sold.

I say all to say it seems to make the most sense if buying a Tacoma, to buy new. What should I be looking for in a car loan? My credit and income set most of the numbers, so are there things I can control other than interest rate that make a loan bad or good?

I’m thankfully in a position where I can afford the Tacoma payment, gas, and insurance. So I’m not concerned there. But I’d like to get the best deal possible and not sure what that is.

My financing experiences in the past are limited and on much older vehicles.

Rolling Over 401k with Negative Rate of Return

I left company A about 8 months ago and did not rollover my 401k into the 401k for company B. I continue to pay the quarterly fees. I would like to rollover my 401k into company B to avoid paying fees for both 401ks and to simplify the accounts.

I noticed that I have a negative rate of return in company A’s 401k (cost basis greater than current value). Would this cause problems when rolling over to another 401k? Will the company B 401k account for the previous cost basis?


Note: This is for Traditional 401k, and I cannot rollover into IRA because I have done backdoor IRA conversions.

Food Budget for College Student

I am a first year DPT student in NY and would like to know if $13 a day on food is considered budget. I buy 5 cooked chicken breasts at Sam’s Club for $13 and would separate 3 pieces for lunch and 2 pieces for dinner. I know I don’t eat breakfast because I’ve never been a breakfast guy and I usually go to the gym in the morning and I feel fine without eating breakfast. I am currently trying to lose weight while also not wanting to spend too much money on food a day which is why I buy the chicken breasts.

How will I know when it’s a good time to buy a house?

As far as I can trek if you want a house around a HCOL area you’re gonna be paying at least 20% over asking. At least that’s based on the few people I know who have bought houses over the last 2 years.

I almost have my down payment ready by in being told buying a house right now is a bad idea if I wanted a reasonable return in the future. What signs do I look for to see if it’s a good time to purchase?

Should I buy the car I’m leasing and then sell it?

So my car lease is going to be ending in October. It’s a 2019 Subaru Forester Limited with 27k miles on it so far, with the lease mileage of 30k. The lot price was $33,499, and the buyout price after the lease is over is $20,128.

I was originally just going to turn it in and lease another car (hopefully same make and model), but two of my coworkers said to buy and then sell it. Looking at the used cars Kelly Blue Book, I think I would get around $10k if I buy it from the dealership and then sell it.

I never really did anything like this before – and honestly this was my first time leasing a car! – so I just wanted to get other people’s opinions. Would it be a good idea if do this and preferably sell the car before the year is up? I’m not looking to keep it, and I do plan on leasing another car since I don’t drive too much and I had a bad experience replacing bad parts on an older Jeep.

FDIC: Title VI (Consumer Protection) Question

***TLDR: are fraudulent transactions from the same merchant allowed to be ‘lumped’ together, or are they required to be treated separately?***

In short, my bank said:
“Merchant A committed fraud on February 01, and February 10. The effective date for all fraud by Merchant A is considered February 01, because all transactions came from the same merchant.”

I’ve talked to:

Nobody is able to answer whether or not that is accurate so far.
They’re all saying to file a complaint with NCUA, and they’ll figure it out.