I need serious advice. I am paralysed with fear atm…

To preface, I need to say that living alone has been my biggest accomplishment thus far in life, as I’ve struggled with a traumatic upbringing and mental health issues which meant I could never have imaged myself being able to afford to live alone. But I did it! For 2 years!


I live in Nottingham, UK. Rent is £525, Bills inc council tax are £259.64, Food and other necessary expenses are £202.98. Which leaves me with £987.62 – EXTREMELY HIGH LIVING COSTS 🙁


I have managed fairly okay the past 2 years, with my online business and part time job, however I haven’t been able to save any money, and used universal credit at times.


My online business is what I use my 2nd bedroom for – it’s my office. I went fully self-employed last year for 4 months and have managed to make about £1,200 a month profit. I ended up getting a part time job for the social aspect as well as help me establish a routine.


I quit my job last week due to mistreatment, it gave me around £850 a month, so I’ve been thrust into self-employment once again. This time I’m absolutely terrified.


My goal this year is to launch my own footwear brand, I’ve very invested in the planning and designing process and seeing real progress happen. I feel optimistic this will be a very successful venture.


I have noone to rely on to house me or lend me money. I feel suicidal.


I have 3 options:


1. Try to get my business to be as profitable as before (made about £350 last month so it’s super slow!), get a part-time job and try to make ends meet until…I don’t know what…I win the lottery?! Or I somehow manage to balance both businesses? It’s important to note I’ve lost the passion for my current online vintage clothing store, especially since the sales are super slow.
2. Swallow my pride and bathe in disappointment as I find a house share to live in, rent out a storage unit to keep my stock as I continue with my business/ work to set the other one up. The fear here comes from the fact that I look very financially unstable, and I don’t know if anyone would be willing to take me on. House shares are typically £300-400. Storage unit would be £300.
3. This one is slightly hard to imagine, but get a roommate? My flat is small, I’ve a lot of stock, instruments, books, it’s tight with 2 people, plus I’ve a mould problem too…

I feel like my ideal scenario is to move in with other person, rent a unit for my stock – sell all that and close that business, get a part time job while I launch the footwear brand and then take it from there.


The pain I feel to submit to this failure is unbearable. My biggest hurt is that I won’t be able to have my German Shepherd at my flat anymore. He lives with my parents but I have him a few days each month. He’s the love of my life and gets me through my suicidal times, genuinely.


Any advice or support would be appreciated. I feel myself paralysed with fear…I don’t know what to do. I feel like I’ve made all the bad decisions in life and I don’t want to end up homeless.

With the recent Vanguard target date fund tax bill lawsuit, should I be worried about my Fidelity target date mutual fund that I have in my taxable account?

I have money investing in a Fidelity 205x target date fund and my plan is to just let it sit for 20-30 years (it seemed the most obvious fund to get if I wanted automated long term investing with decreased risk over time); this is in a regular individual taxable account. But after [reading about the surprise tax bill](https://www.cnbc.com/2022/03/15/vanguard-created-big-tax-bills-for-target-date-fund-investors-lawsuit-claims.html) some Vanguard customers received with their own target date fund, I’m wondering if I need to act and sell everything and instead buy some ETFs, or if I need to do some other action, to potentially avoid a large surprise tax bill in the future.

I also need to consider that by selling, I’ll be getting a capital gains tax bill anyways, though I haven’t figured out what that might be, exactly. So ultimately, I’m trying to determine what I should do, if anything.

Is it a good idea to buy index funds for a retirement plan?

Not trade/Financial savvy at all. I’d like to know if it would be a safe/smart plan to just buy index funds (vanguard/fidelity) and hold on to them for 30+ years and be hands off on them. I don’t have the interest or time to read expense reports and make frequent trades. Is this a good plan or are there other options to look into?

Changing Jobs, what to do with 401k

I (42) am changing jobs, hooray… I’ve got ~50k (I know, not enough) in a 401k, and I’m wondering what the pro’s and cons are to rolling it into an IRA v. just rolling it into my new employers 401k plan? Does it make a difference in terms of taxes/taxable income for this year? Long-term does it matter?

New employer offers 2:1 matching on 401k salary contributions, but that doesn’t include rollover stuff. I’m also pretty sure it would just be from Vanguard to Vanguard if I do go for a 401k rollover and not an IRA… tbh, I don’t even know where to start if I was gonna roll into an IRA?

Why is everyone unaware of my recent credit card?

I had a nonexistent, then bad, credit score because of no credit, so a couple of a years ago I got a secured card, and since then I’ve gradually worked my way up to four credit cards and a slightly ‘GOOD’ credit score.

But my most recent card, which I activated more than a month ago, doesn’t show up in my available credit / credit limit or my number of open accounts. Neither Experian nor CapitalOne CreditWise seems to be aware of it.

Also, I keep getting emails from my new card telling me to start using it. But I’ve been using it regularly for more than a month. I called the new card and they said they don’t see the emails I’m getting and they’re not sure why I’m getting them.

Does anyone have any insight or suggestions? Thanks!

Can I Write Off a Custom PC on a 1099?

Hey everyone.

I have a 1099 for a side gig as a photographer and writer/ general media contributor. It’s a small part of my income, and I work a full time job with a standard W2 as well.

I’m looking to buy a decently powerful PC to upgrade from my 2012 macbook for photo and video editing, but I’d also use it for personal use and gaming.

I’m wondering: if I built my own PC (cheaper, more specialized to my needs) could I write that off even though I would be purchasing separate components?

Or, would it be easier to just buy a pre-built PC?

Contributing to 401(k) and Roth 401(k)?

My employer offers a 401(k) and a Roth 401(k). They match up to 6%. I am getting my full match. Currently contributing 10% to my 401(k) and 2% to the Roth 401(k). I am over 50 so contributing Catch-up to both. I can’t recall the reasoning that led to me contribute to both.

Is there a good reason why I should contribute to both?

Bull city financial?

Hey guys i’m writing this post because I wanted y’all’s insight on how to approach this. So as I was on my phone I get a Experian notification that my score changed, well my score went down 67 points when I check why is because Bull city financial flagged my account as collections, I call then and they say it’s cause of a medical bill of $188. Question is will paying that off solve this and jump my score but to its original score or will I need a different approach, I wanted to take a home loan but now I can’t because of this. TIA

All In One HELOC Loans

We’re looking at buying a new home before selling our existing home. This unfortunately puts us between 35 and 39% DTI ratio until we sell our current home which is preventing us from getting a 30Y Fixed Jumbo Loan unless we can put 20% down (which we can’t for the 800k price range).

The two brokers we’re working with say we’re limited to an ARM which I’m averse to and an All In One HELOC Loan ([https://allinoneloan.com](https://allinoneloan.com)) which seems like a blend of a HELOC and an ARM.

The All In One HELOC seems good on paper, but I’m skeptical. Because of our current DTI ratio, the All In One HELOC would be variable rate from the start with an initial rate of 5.04%. The online calculator indicates we’d pay the house off in 14 years assuming we put 8k into the HELOC per month with ~3k being spent on life… this is using an assumed average of 6.8% interest.

This seems to good to be true… what am I missing? Should I wait it out another 6+ months and save the additional 40k to get the 20% down to avoid this scenario?


If it helps, here’s current situation:

* Family of four
* 180k single income
* Existing home equity estimated 450k
* Would dump all of this into the new mortgage.