Am I crazy to have expected a higher raise with my promotion?

For context, I work in finance and have about 2 years of working experience. Recently just had my end of year pay convocation which includes how much my bonus will be as well as yearly raise. This year my performance was very well and I “exceeded expectations” which included a promotion, a raise, bigger bonus and increase in my overall bonus percent for next year’s performance. Here are the numbers: salary went from 76k -> 82k (~7% increase), my bonus was 120% funded of my 12% (came out to a little over 10k) and overall bonus percent went from 12% -> 15%.

Based on my research, promotions typically can result in a pay increase of 10-20% from my understanding. Additionally, last year I got a raise of 9% (70k -> 76k), however, my performance was “met expectations”. So, sure I got a bit more when it comes to the bonus but compared to last year’s salary increase it feels as if my new salary increase was a bit low. On top of that, market rate for the role I am in pays on average around 100k per year so I feel as if I am being underpaid. Am I crazy to have expected at least 90k for my salary?