Can a disputed credit card transaction go to collections?

I’m currently in a situation where I was involved in a home improvement project gone wrong. I went through Lowes for countertops and the third party contractor they used to fabricate and install them destroyed my renovation work and installed poorly fabricated countertops. On top of that, they forged the final paperwork indicating to Lowes that the project was “Complete” when it was not as I was still unhappy with their work. I’ve been talking to Lowes on and off for a few days now and it sounds like they’re getting ready to send the remaining balance to collections.

It’s not a matter of if I can pay for it or not because I can. Its $2600 remaining on the balance. The issue is that I have not yet received the product I paid for.

I have a perfect credit history having never missed a payment and I’m sitting in the 780-800 range for my credit score, I do not want to mess that up.

My question is, can I pay the remaining balance on a credit card and then dispute the transaction with my Credit Card company to have a line of defense between me and Lowes? Or can Lowes still send that disputed transaction to collections and hit my credit score?