Thoughts on my plan?

I’m 33 and own on a home worth 320k at 2.875% for 28 more years. I owe 220k left. I have 130k in various retirement accounts. 15k emergency fund. And 220k in hysa. I recently quit a toxic job and now work at a part time job making just enough to meet my general monthly bills. My plan was to invest the 220k and consider myself as ‘coastFIRE’ but I’m reevaluating. My monthly bills are around 2500 a month. I’m looking for a new job but it’s a struggle and find myself not excited for the interview nor the prospect of working a corporate 9 to 5 again. Thinking maybe paying the house off and reducing expenses by around 1k. My then monthly expenses would be 1500 which I could basically then get any job to meet my current lifestyle. Thoughts?