Questions about Schwab app

I’m new to the Schwab App and have some questions.

I have ~23k invested primarily in VOO and recently opened a Roth IRA which has nothing in it.

When I look at the “balances” section of my personal taxable account there is a section entitled “cash and cash investments” and “cash and money market” and they both list $-994.60.

What does this number mean and why is it negative?

I’ve been getting margin interest deducted from my account but I dont remember using margins ever. Does that have something to do with the negative cash?


When I go to the transfer section there is a section titled cash and it lists $11,107 for my taxable account. What does this number mean?

How do I get money from my checking account into my roth IRA and actually buy stocks?

Transfer->cash -> from my checking account to my roth ira -> then buy stocks with that money?

Appreciate the help.