High Deductible Health Insurance vs Regular Insurance (could use some guidance which one to pick)


Trying to decide which health insurance plan to pick. My cost currently is $3629.86 for a high deductible health plan, maxing my HSA contributions.

My annual cost 2024 High Deductible Health plan:
$3,737.45 maxing out the HSA contribution which is $3650
$143.75/ pay period -pretty much just my HSA contribution
$3000 deductible, max out of pocket is $4500

My cost 2024 Regular Insurance:
$66.76/ a pay period
$1500 deductible, max out of pocket is $4500

Right now my anticipated healthcare costs are ~$2,000. Any recommendations which one to take? Since I had the high deductible health plan in 2023, my lifestyle wouldn’t change too much in terms of expenses and how I save my money. Let me know if I should add anything else. The only thing I thought I might do in 2024 that I haven’t done this year is see a social worker that I was previously referred for some issues with anxiety that I cancelled due to a job/insurance change.