He earns a lot, but has significant student loan debt. Should I ask for a pre-nup?

In the very early stages of my engagement and trying to figure out the best financial move.

Fiancé makes about $250k a year but has over $200k in student loan debt in addition to a car loan of 31k.

His field does have high earning potential but we do live in Washington, DC. While the salary is great…it doesn’t go as far as it would elsewhere.

I will likely make around 70-90k over the next couple of years and if I stay on my current path could bring in about 200k within 5. That is if we stay in DC with its inflated incomes. I have 0 debt to my name.

Not sure what the best move is. While he is the bread winner by a longshot – his debt scares me.

Would I be foolish to ask for a prenup given our current income gap? Would I be responsible for his debt should it not work out?