Last Paycheck not deposited

For reference I live in Texas.

So, I quit my job last Tuesday because I got a call informing me that my mom was rushed to the ICU. I work in Dallas, she lives 4 hours away in Houston.

I was already fed up with the environment and this news just sent me over the edge. I had also already been applying to other places and start my new job in 2 weeks.

I didn’t give notice, it was as sudden for me as it was for anyone else. Returned my key and card and wrote and email explaining why I’d be leaving.

Today is our usual payday. No last paycheck was deposited. I was always paid via DD so naturally I’m worried.

I did have a $3k sign-on bonus that I’d be fully vested in after 1 year of working with them, which I didn’t (only about 10 months in). I assume they may be withholding my last check to repay that…is that legal?

I’ve called and emailed them several times and no answer. They also haven’t contacted me at all either.