What Should I Do With A Large Payment I’m Receiving?

I am about to receive a large payment of about $10,500.00. I have several debts and the past several years I have been trying to get closer to being Debt Free. My partner/fiancé and I are living paycheck to paycheck, and we have been for some time. She owns a house that could use some work (it needs a new A/C soon, a new Roof soon, and we might need a Termite tenting.) Our plan is to make me a 50 percent owner of the house in a prenup once we are married. My current debts are approximated on the high end as follows……

Car Payment – $390.00 Per Month ($12,000.00 left on loan due to be owned in December of 2026)

Student Loans – $160.00 Per Month ($7,000.00 left due on loan)

Credit Card 1 Consilidation Loan – $155.00 Per Month ($5,000.00 left due on loan)

Credit Card 2 Balance – $1,500.00

Tax Account – $1,000.00 Behind

Hospital Bill – $900.00

Total – (-$27,400.00)

My current monthly bills are as follows…..

House (1/2 Morgate Payment/Homeowners Insurance/Property Taxes/Light Bill/Water Bill/Internet) – $800.00 Per Month

Car Payment – $390.00 per month

Car Insurance- $250.00 per month

Student Loans – $160.00 per month

Credit Card 1 (Consolidation) – $155.00 per month

Cell Phones – $125.00 per month

Carwash Subscription- $25.00 per month

Tidal – $25.00 per month

Dropbox – $20.00 per month

Finances Program – $15.00 per month

Total – (-$1965.00 per month)

I currently make between $45,000.00 and $50,000.00 a year at my job. My job is commission based and I often pick up extra work to try and get closer to that $50,000.00 a year. I also donate plasma. I get paid between $70.00 and $80.00 a week (after tax savings) if I donate 2 times a week.

My current plan is to pay off Credit Card 2 – $1,500.00 and close it, get my Tax Account where it should be – $1,000.00, and pay off my hospital bill – $900.00 as well as get some car work that I have been putting off which I estimate to be around – $1,500.00 but it could be more or less and this would leave me with about $6,500.00 to put in an emergency fund and/or use on repairs that need to be done on our house.

Would this be a good way to allocate these funds that I’m going to receive? Should I do something else instead? I tried to give as much information as possible to explain and see if anyone else has different opinions/options. Thank you in advance for your advice.