How to best proceed with unexpected money

Hi, I recently came into an unexpected inheritance ($65k) that my grandparents had left me. I want to use this money wisely and am asking for your advice on how to best proceed with this.

Some background: I (23f) have an okay job, no debt, HYSA (6-7 months worth of savings) and am maxing out my 401k and Roth.

I don’t envision using this new money in the next 4-5 years like a house down payment. I live in a between MCOL and HCOL area and am renting.

I have a brokerage account that currently has $500 in it (lol), should I start siphoning like a few thousand in there every month? Alternatively, should I dump everything in my HYSA and forget about it? What do you recommend?


TLDR: how to maximize returns on inherited money for future financial success