just found out my family used my social

howdy, hope yall are having a better day than i. I’m wondering what i can possibly do, any help is appreciated. i had never really checked my credit, i knew it wasn’t outstanding since ive never opened any credit cards, of financed anything. I’ve always payee cash, and I have been living with a roommate since i was 18, bills are in his name. i did however get a loan for a new car recently (July) and was excited to start building my credit up finally, so i checked my credit, it was around 650. shortly after i opened a secure credit card to help raise it up a bit. id check on it every other week or so. about a week ago it suddenly dropped to 557. i was very confused, I payed my bills on time. when I check what happened it shows a couple collections have been added to my file. they don’t say much, but it did say “Cox Communications” and “elder management” which I googled is a renter in my area. like I said Wi-Fi/cable is in my roommates name, and I’ve been living here since I was 18. I filed a dispute, and got a report saying that the collections were correct. after digging deeper, it shows my current address as a previous address, and 2 addresses I have never lived at as current. I recognized the address as my families. i told my family, and they refuse to pay it, what can i do? i dont really want them to go to prison over $1900. i filed a dispute on the 2 addresses that i dont live at but if they turnover am i just stuck having to cough up the money? thanks