Freezing Credit After Break In

Hey so I had a break in the other day when I wasn’t home. Oddly they only stole jewelry that I know of but, a lot of papers with personal information was in my house. Although those papers weren’t taken I’m taking extra precaution to put an alert and freeze on my credit accounts and anything else I possibly can. Just in case they wrote anything down.

I did a freeze and fraud alert with the three major credit reporting agencies as well as with ChexSystems for bank accounts.

However when I tried to place a freeze on NCTSE (national consumer telecom and security exchange report) the lady on the phone said I do not have a report to freeze. I found that odd as I have a phone bill (T mobile) in my name as well as electric (FPL). She said they “don’t always receive everything?”
I decided to try again on the online portal and again, it says there is issues processing my request and to provide in writting my personal information. However, the personal information they are asking of me I gave to the lady on the phone and on the online portal? So why would mailing it in make a difference? Is it odd I don’t have a report? Will someone still be able to open accounts with phones, electric/water companies etc. since… I don’t have an account to freeze??

Also are there any other accounts or things I should freeze to be on the safe side?