Help me enjoy my money

Long time listener, first time caller.

In the last year, my married partner and I increased household income by 4x. I was used to not having a lot and am now trying to adjust to having much more.

I reached out to a Fidelity advisor but they acted like I was crazy (maybe I am), so here I’ll ask you my question.

Our situation: Currently between my partner and I we earn ~170k yearly. We own a house with mortgage under 1.5k month, no car payment and no student loans. We’d like to have a child or two in the next 5 years. We have 50k emergency fund in HYS account at ~5%, each save the max in our Roth IRA (set to DCA retirement funds each month), and I max out my 401k plus put 25% of my bonus in Roth 401k (mega back door roth is allowed with my employer plan). My partner doesn’t have a job with a 401k. Each month I also save 2k in DCA to FZROX and 1k in 3-6 month CDs with Fidelity. We carry no credit card debt month to month. Before food and fun spending, our monthly costs come to ~1.8k.

My question is: am I saving too much? How much fun spending can I really have? I’m so used to saving every penny that isn’t bills+food that I don’t know what to do and I feel bad asking because I know our situation is so much better than many others and many other of our friends (since our income increased drastically in a short period of time).