Need help understanding Treasury Direct’s Bond table

I am trying to read the [Treasury Notes’ yield]( on Treasury Direct.

I’d appreciate if someone could explain me

1. What is the difference between ‘High Yield’ (currently at 4.610% for 10-year notes) and ‘Interest Rate’ (currently at 3.875% for 10-year notes)? In my layman’s understanding, these notes pay constant/fixed annualized interest. In that case, which of these number is that fixed annualized interest (the money I’d get as interest per year if I were to buy the 10-year note)?

2. ‘Reopening’ – I assume if it is ‘Yes’, that means some of the T-notes are still left to be sold, so there will be an auction and we can still purchase them. But if it set to ‘No’, then the notes at that particular yields/rates are sold out and thus, we’ll not be able to purchase notes at those rates?

Thank you in advance for your answers!