How grounded are my goals?


I’m looking for advice or explanations as to whether or not my aspirations are grounded in reality due to my lack of life experiences. Perhaps I’ve been brain washed by social media and these gurus.

Background: I’m 21 and about to graduate with a computer science degree and a potential job making ~120k in HOCL. I have no debt and a paid off car. 35k in a HYSA and 30k in stocks with 15k of it in SPY and the remaining 15k in all major tech stocks.

What I’m hoping to achieve is to buy a home when interest rates drop and get roommates to help pay off the mortgage while I live for free and build equity (that’s why I keep so much capital in a HYSA despite my age) . I want to rinse and repeat this process and eventually have multiple homes creating cash flow by renting and build equity at the same time. Ultimately, I want to be able to comfortably afford my dream car (911 turbo s) by my mid to late 30s and not have to work the 9-5 life.

My family lives in poverty, so this isn’t a discussion I can just ask them for advice and my co-workers are making 180-200k annually from their jobs but don’t seem to live the life I’m fantasizing. There is obviously something that I’m not seeing. Please ground me in reality and let me know if this is plausible.