Inheritance Vs School Loans & Investing

Hello everyone. So, putting our daughter through college I bit off way more than I could chew. I did a poor job with finances and got in way over my head to the tune of 88k in loans. I wanted her to go where she wanted and I let her. Oh well, it’s done and she’s graduated. I recently received an inheritance of 175,000. Obviously that takes care of the loans but I do wonder if there is a better way to go about paying it off? These are Direct Parent PLUS loans.

I imagine there’s no account that would pay more than what the interest on the loan would be. The monthly payments are around 1,000 a month. By the time they are paid off I will have paid almost 20k in interest. I was just wondering if there might be a way to go about asking for a lower total if I pay it all at once? The payments have been in forgiveness but start in a couple of weeks.

I have a about 30k in vehicle loans that will be getting paid off. After everything assuming there’s no way to get the college loans reduced I will have about 57k left. Luckily I keep the credit cards paid in full every month already. We also have about 3 months worth of expenses saved that we don’t touch.

Now, I do want to do some fun things for the family and there is a bathroom remodel that we need. My guesstimate is that I will have about 35k left for investing? Or lets just say 30k because we know how remodeling goes. I just don’t really have any ideas where to put it.

I do plan on speaking with a financial advisor but also looking for advice on here as well. What would you all do? Thanks for your time

Edit: Also, how do I go about choosing an advisor? I’ve no idea really who to talk to. I assume I can find someone online or should I look locally? If online any recommendations?