How should I pay off my student loan debt? 25 year old

I have about $27,000 in student loan debt from my under graduate degree. No CC debt. I am currently working and have a 65k salary (first corporate job, I’m a financial analyst). I get paid bi-weekly, approximately $4k a month. I have $30,500 in my savings just sitting there (been meaning to put into a HYSA but I didn’t know if I should pay some of my debt first). I live at home and don’t have any bills besides paying for my parents utilities ($100/month). I live in a MCOL state but have plans to move in with my partner in a HCOL area (where he is from). Should I pay my student loans in full since I have the money? Or is there a more smarter option in paying it off? I know I have the money but I’d probably feel really sad seeing my entire account at 0. But I am willing to do that if everyone agrees that’s the best idea. I just don’t really have anyone to ask for advice. I’m a first gen student who grew up low income so I’ve really been winging it. I’m really proud that I was able to get a job but I definitely don’t want my debt to follow me around. Especially if I want to make a big step in my life (moving out of my parents, in with a partner). What advice would you give? What would you do? Thank you so much