Dentist charged more than allowed amount on EOB, in-network

I needed the tooth extraction and bone graft done on two teeth. Prior to the service, dentist presented the estimate fees of $2,340 and noted that insurance would cover $264 for extraction but nothing for bone graft so patient responsibility would be $2,076.

Work was done and I paid $2,076 upfront with my HSA.

Two weeks later I received the EOB from the insurance and it stated the following:

Dentist submitted: $2,340
Negotiated fees: $1,012
Allowed amount: $1,012
Insurance paid $680.60
Patient responsibility $331.40

Insurance did appear to show negotiated fees for both extraction and bone graft so I read them as covered service. I’m unsure why the dentist claimed that bone graft would not be covered when they sent me the estimate.

Since I’m only responsible for $331.40 based on the EOB, will I be able to request for refund of$1,744.60 (=$2,076-$331.40) from my dentist? The dentist is in network.

Location: TX

Thank you in advance!