Paying off debt and SAVING.

I’m 20(F) and I used to be able to save. As i turned 16, my parents stopped helping me which resulted in me paying for everything myself. I bring home $2540 after taxes and pay $2266 in bills. If I ask my parents for help they always have an excuse or say they don’t have it (shocker.)

I have two CC, one at 31.99% ($1793 balance) and the other one at 27.24% ($2974 balance) I’ve been paying the minimum and whatever else I can add to it but it’s killing me seeing all of my debt.

I owe around $40k in auto loans (very dumb of me at 20 but I had no guidance really I got a small raise and went crazy because in the moment it felt like I could get anything I wanted which was clearly a huuuuge mistake.)

I just want to know the best approach to paying off everything starting with CC debt and then being able to save for at least a 3 month emergency fund.

Edit: On my auto loan it is 8% and is cheaper than my rent. 🙂