Do I use my credit card to pay my bills?

24M here. Two credit cards with $500 limit and one with a $1400 limit, all payed off. I’ve been recently looking into finally getting a place on my own which I have never had before. I’ve found a nice 1 bedroom that will be $816 a month, which is little less than average around my area.

My Wi-Fi and phone will be bundled together for a total of $100 each month. Utilities will come out to be no more $100 max, and I am playing it safe with that number. I live in Arkansas so it’s cheap lol.

So that comes out to be $1,016 a month. I would say I bring in on average 1,500 a month. Paid biweekly but one check is always about double the other one each month it’s just flip flops due to my schedule. I usually get 2 weeks off a month sometimes only 1, so I’ve been looking into getting a easy part time job just to bring in more money.

So finally my question. Would it be dumb to pay all my bills (rent,wifi/phone,utilities=$1,016) each month on my credit card that has the $1400 limit? I’m really not wanting to spend any on my other 2 credit cards unless there is an emergency. Thanks for reading through the long post!!