37% APR on a motorcycle loan…

Hey y’all, i’ll keep this brief. Yesterday I went in to a local dealer to purchase a harley. Cost $6500 and I put $2500 down. I chose to finance the remaining $4k through them as they were advertising 10% apr, I wanted to build my credit some more and I was in a rush to buy the bike before they sold it out from under me while waiting to be approved by the CU.

Payments seemed a little high but I was planning on refinancing through my CU anyways. Got home, checked the paperwork and the APR is an ungodly 37% with a total after interest of around $12k despite having a 780 credit score.

I know the damage is already done and this is my fault for not paying enough attention out of excitement, but is refinancing through my CU the best thing to do at this point?