Paying $630 from withdrawing 2 college classes

Hi everyone, so I’m about to be a 2nd year college student at a community college & failed 2 college classes from my first year, and wanted to retake them over the summer. However, I’m dumb and didn’t check whether or not my financial aid would cover it & when I found out it didn’t, I requested from both my advisor and the financial aid office that I withdraw.

However, it was a loop back and forth between one office telling me to contact another and ultimately instead of just sending me the withdrawal form, they sent it to me on the day that is considered the “50% liability” period. Now I have to pay for 2 classes I didn’t even participate in despite letting my advisor, financial aid, and the business office know beforehand. Wouldn’t that be considered an informal withdrawal?

I was told to submit a tuition appeal but it got rejected today, stating that the deadline periods are on their website. I’ve kind of decided to just accept paying it, but is there any way to fight it? I’ve read other similar students’ posts on here with all the same resounding answers to accept responsibility..but I’m just frustrated. I let them know that I wanted to withdraw in that deadline. Why wouldn’t they just send me the withdrawal form then?