19 years old with £30,000

Hi all,

I need some advice about my financial situation/life.

My main question is what to do to make money and realistically achieve £100,000 by 21.

I’m 19 with just under £30,000 (a mixture between cash in the bank, stocks and share isa & some in crypto). For all of you wondering, I’ve just saved very tightly with my money whilst working normal 9-5 jobs the last 2.5 years. I live with my mum and only pay rent, apart from that I have no expenses and im not silly to waste money on clothes, cars, party booze etc.

All I’m doing is working a 9-5 which I known won’t make me a millionaire. This is were I’m stuck and idk what to do. Should I learn a skill e.g online marketing to then charge businesses money as a side hustle? Or what side hustled can I do? I’m just stuck as in what to do to make money by myself out of my 9-5 and how I can make maybe £100,000 by 21.

I was working 2 jobs before but i lost one of my jobs (long story). My current job has irregular hours e.g it’s full time but not a mon-fri 9-5 so it’s hard to get a 2nd job.

I just want to clarify, I’m not trying to come across cocky and boastful with my situation. I never post stuff like this online. I just need some advice from people who may have been in this situation before.

Wish every the best.