Help me with my money…

Hey y’all,

Started a job that pays me $75,000 a year in California. That is $4,688 a month take home.

My health insurance is $100 per month, I have no auto loans, no CC debt, I live with my parents, I have roughly $28,000 in federal student loans. My student loan monthly payments are on the 10 year payment track, so it’s about $300 per month.

My employer offers a 50% match up to 6% of my gross income into a 401k, no brainer I’ll match that.

So just taking out the 400 for health insurance and student loan repayments, that’s about $4300 per month. And then roughly $375 a month for 401k, that’s $3925.

Should I aggressively pay off my student loans? If my math is right, I could pay like 2.5k a month and live off of and save whatever’s left and my student loans would be gone in about 12 months.

Or should I make the minimums and aggressively save for a house?

That’s all not including potential bonuses as well.