I need help… I cannot stop binge spending and feel out of control.

28 years old, $70k salary, and roughly $3000-$4,000 to my name, $5,000 in 401k. And the kicker, around 21k in cc debt. I used to have around $15k in cash and no cc debt, about one short year ago. Since then I moved into my own apartment, and just started spending on every damn thing you can imagine.

After my budget for rent, other fixed expenses and saving, I have about 900 I can put towards the cc debt. I met with a financial advisor, he helped me plan a budget and strategy to payoff the cards. But I can’t stop spending… on complete BS. I don’t know if I’m using it as a coping mechanism or something, but its kind of similar to binge eating. During the week I do great at keeping everything in order, but then the weekend comes and I somehow screw my budget on a night or two of going out, which ultimately further depletes my low savings.

I feel like I can’t stop myself from impulsively going out / spending(wasting), feeling terrible about it afterwards, and then find myself doing it again. As a matter of fact, I am writing this now after getting home from the strip club where I wasted money, and am currently feeling like shit about it.


Please, I would greatly appreciate help with this.