Advice on credit card debt and retirement?

I would like advice on whether, given my frighteningly poor financial situation (and if I can figure it out) it would be a good idea to withdraw from my retirement to pay off my credit card debt. Or at least part of it. Given the amount of credit card debt I am in, I know (and read in other posts here) that everyone says it’s penny-wise pound-foolish to withdraw from retirement to pay credit card debt, but in my case, it seems like it might be a good idea, especially since it would be for a relatively short time period. I guess I’m just wondering if there are any exceptions to this general rule of thumb, to always leave retirement alone.

I have had CalPERS for the last 4.5 years (which I know I cannot withdraw from), but prior to that I worked in a local government with its own retirement system for 4.5 years, and prior to that at a consulting firm for 2 years.

I struggled with undiagnosed bipolar disorder up until about 6 years ago, and a big part of this manifested in my spending and overall deranged behavior (crashed cars, injuries, etc.). I have my disorder well under control now, but I’m completely haunted by it through my debt.

Without being able to add any amounts of my credit card debt, it’s hard to describe how bad it is. But my APR is 28% across four credit cards.

I am in over-draft on my bank account every month. There is ZERO excuse for this with the money I’m making. As I said, I have my spending and mental health under control now, but with my car payment, credit card minimum payments that just cover interest, car insurance (I had multiple car accidents during the height of my bipolar disorder and my car insurance is unusually high), I am always under water.

I’ve never reached out for help with anything like this before because it’s a source of such overwhelming shame and disgust in myself, and represents such a painful time in my life. No one in my life knows about this. I am so intimidated by finances that every time I try to begin learning about how to help myself, I get totally lost, have no idea where to begin in my situation, and keep putting it off. I feel like I’ll never get out of this hole. I know I’ve screwed my future and retirement.

I literally don’t know what else I could do to help myself at this point. As mentioned, I am in CalPERS now, which I know I can’t withdraw from, but if I can figure out if I am able to withdraw from my previous accounts, would this be something wise to do?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

P.S. If I wrote anything that sounded extremely dumb or incoherent or didn’t make sense, please know I won’t take it personally if you say so-I want to try to learn even the basics of personal finance, and I know I’m a disaster.