Investing help? Late to the game maybe?

Hello All!
I have always been interested in finances and a way to secure whatever my life turns out to be. I’m 26 , a mom, full time college student and wife as well as work my 9-5 office job. I want to start investing into something that grows. Preferably something I’ll be able to pull from if the need ever arises.
Honestly, I don’t even know where to start. My employer doesn’t offer any benefits at this time, and I don’t believe I have ever worked somewhere that does. My annual income comes out to around 49,600 after taxes. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated. I’m new to all of this. Heck my first ever credit card (CapOne Platinum Secured) was opened back in October 2022. Never paid interest and keep it at 20% on statement day. Have a checking and savings account with them.

I’m an open book so if you need any other info feel free to ask!
Thanks in advance!