$8k in credit card debt, should I be worried.

Hello everyone,

Just graduated college in cybersecurity and racked up $8k in credit card debt, being an absolute idiot. One card is at $2000 at 0% APR until Oct. the other is at $6000 at 0% APR until August 2024. So obviously I pay the $2000 off first.

I am hoping to secure a job by the end of June that is a minimum of $35/hr. I have no other payments as I am living at home still. I will have $20k in student loan debt. But will not need to start paying that off until January 2024.

Given my upcoming boost in income, should I be stressing extremely hard over this debt? Or just pay it off when I get the money and not worry too much? It’s extremely hard mentally on me, thinking I am truly screwed, but am I actually? Thanks!