What credit should I pay first? Should I, at all?

I have three credits on me at the moment – apartment payment, car payment and government backed renovation for housing. I have some cash I can use to pay some of it back and avoid higher payments (because of growing Euribor), so I was wondering which one makes the most sense to pay back, or does it, at all? They are all very good loans and by no means I’m in rush to pay them back, but it just makes me wonder if it makes any sense to not use cash I have sitting in my bank account. I’d be comfortable to spend 10k€, or up to 20k€ if it really makes sense.

**Some info about the loans:**
1. **Apartment loan**: ends 2039 02 20.
26198,04€ left to pay.
Variable interest rate: 3,192%
Margin: 2,6%
Total interest rate: 5,792%
Monthly payment: 212,88€ (130,51€ of it is interest rate).

2. **Car credit**: ends 2028 03 15.
20461,79€ left to pay.
Variable interest rate: 3,08%
Margin: 2,19%
Total interest rate: 5,27%
Monthly payment: 270,84€ (90,65€ of it is interest rate).

3. **Government backed renoation**: ends 2035 01 20.
3627,72€ left to pay.
Fixed interest rate: 3%.
Monthly payment: 30,85€ (9,3€ of it is interest rate).

It seems like it makes most sense to pay some of the apartment loan, since the interest rate looks bigger on it. I’m only allowed to pay 25% of leftover balance in a year (so it would make 6549€), but it might still help me lower the price by a bit, I guess. Or is there something I am missing? Should I just keep the money in my account? It’s worth mentioning that these are all EU loans with variable interest rate, so payments will get lower in the future, if Euribor goes down again.

Thanks in advance!