Is this a reasonable private loan expectation?

I’m not really sure about how private loans work, except they can screw you over. I’m planning to attend a private school where it’s 60k a year but it’ll be down to 20k after grants and aid. 12.5k will be federal loans so I need roughly 8k out of pocket. I can’t afford that and I was planning to get a private loan for it. I’ve read that some private loans are suited for school where you don’t start paying until after graduation. What should I look for in a loan and how should I approach this in general?

I’ve read that a general guideline is to not borrow more than one year of starting salary. I’m going to be majoring in software engineering where the starting is fairly high compared to other jobs. Currently, I think I’m hovering around 20k in federal loans. I’ll probably be attending the private school for roughly two years, so ~40k federal + private.