How to navigate the NHS COVID bonus and its effect on a Universal Credit?

I’m a single parent, and just about making ends meet at the moment. I get paid £29,800 a year and get universal credit each calendar month, as reimbursement of childcare costs while I work (full time). I own my own home (mortgaged).

I am about to get a bonus (around £1,400 after tax, NI and Pension has been deducted from it). As far as I can tell, this will push me over the annual income threshold for universal credit of £31k and stop all my benefits, around £3k over the next 7 months.

Is there a way around this somehow?

I’ve asked not to be included in the bonus and made a suggestion that they give it to charity but my employer says they have to pay the bonus out. We already live to a strict budget and our disposable income (for fun/clothes/non necessities) at the end of each pay packet is £60, so no room for manoeuvre. We have no TV or music streaming subscriptions, don’t get takeaways, no holidays. Nothing to sacrifice to cover the drop in income.