Update on situation (California) and question on overpayment regarding March 2020 claim

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I got my ineligibility letter but so far no overpayment letter. I was curious and called EDD twice to get clarification. My claim from 2020 was not marked as fraud states the reps. I even logged into my EDD account and it says I can make a new claim if I need to (obviously I won’t have to since I have a job but I wanted to check). I read when you made a fraud claim that you cannot make new claims for some time.

The very polite and helpful claims reps told me that I won’t be receiving an overpayment letter, nor will more letters be mailed out and also no more information and interviews are needed from me. The claim reps said I can breathe and that the reason for not having to overpay everything is because my claim ended in first quarter of 2021 and since then it’s been over 1 year. I think due to statute of limitations they said they have 1 year or so to get overpayment back if it’s a non-fraud claim.

It seems too good to be true even though the 2 claim reps said the claim is close and done. I even called Edd Overpayment line and they said I don’t have an overpayment and said if I need more information to ask claims since they decide on these situations.

I suppose I won’t be completely relaxed until maybe closer to the end of the year. I still fear a letter of overpayment being sent out and maybe the reps were wrong although they seemed confident and were on the phone with me for some time checking their database or dashboard.

Do I have reason to worry still?

Do you think the reps were right in stating Edd cannot request overypayment due to the time length of claim expiration with consideration of claim being marked as non-fraud?