M under 25. Expensive car insurance quotes. Plz help

So I’m 24, I just purchased a 2012 jeep wrangler with 100,000 miles on it. The quotes I’ve gotten range between 400-900$ a month! My driving record isn’t great I’ve had about 3 accidents and 3 tickets since getting my license at 18. (I truly believe this is because I didn’t fully comprehend the driving laws, and procedures until about 21 because my parents refused to let me learn anything about driving until I was 18)

and before the jerks come on here saying “ if you can’t afford insurance you can’t afford to drive🤡” I have no choice I live in in DFW Texas and commute to work and college and the metroplex is not walkable. There has to be something I can do that is not illegal like lying to the insurance companies or driving uninsured.

Please give me some advice that doesn’t involve something unrealistic.(side note I graduate in a little under a year and should be able to afford it by then as starting salary for. T career are good and I’ll be 25)