What is the best way to shop for mortgage rates nowadays?

It’s been a decade or so and at the time, I feel like multiple places posted them clearly on their homepages and sites like Bankrate dot com would do all the work for you and list everyone’s rate. I swear, not much before then, they were in the newspaper.

I’ve been trying to just get a couple comparison rates, finally sucked it up going to Bankrate dot com knowing I’d have to give my personal info but at least I’d get some immediate results (they promised 3); they totally made it seem like the last page would have rates. Alas, in the end, I get a message that “we’ll work hard to find lenders for you” and now I get 45 calls a day.

I know I sound like a boomer (not quite that old yet), but wondering how the hell you kids shop for rates nowadays? Everybody’s acting like it’s this crazy big secret now so wtf and wth happened?