How do I get my bank to release my LTS holding?

I had some issues with a creditor. Long story short I went through chemo and had some bills I had to take care of. on 4/08/23 I had a LTS placed on my account. I called the creditors and handled it. It got released via the courts on 4/23/23. I called the creditor and they told me call the court. the court told me they already sent out the disbursement paper work via mail around 4/23/23. Ive called the bank many times but they say they have not received anything. I drove to the court today and got 2 copies of the disbursement and faxed it over to the banks main legal line but they say nothing either.
What actions can I take in order to get my funds released from bank of america or is there a limit to how long the funds can be held?