No 1099-G Received-CA State Tax Refund

I live in California and received a state tax refund in 2022. I am working on my taxes and realized that I did not receive a 1099-G. I know that the tax is not reportable to the IRS or the state since I used a standard deduction last year and did not claim any deductions for general sales taxes.

I used to itemize on my tax returns and after I changed to a standard deduction I thought that I would always receive a 1099-G if I received a state tax refund even if it’s not reportable.

Does anyone know if California sends 1099G forms if the money is not taxable?

I tried to search and just keep finding that based on my circumstances the refund is not reportable when filing my taxes, but I can’t find the answer whether or not I’m supposed to receive the form in general.

Thank you.