In grad school, not working, and building up hella CC debt. What’s the best move here?

I’ll be graduating in August 2024 and going into a good field where I’m essentially guaranteed a solid job making >100k/year. Of course I’m accruing a ton of student loans but my bigger concern is all the credit card debt I’m racking up because the student loans don’t cover all the extra costs of living (internet, gym membership, food, etc.). I’ve also never been under the burden of CC debt and it’s just making me a little nervous because I’m forced to make minimum payments on cards that are already maxed out basically.

Right now I’m sitting at like 8k of CC debt that’s just building from there with interest charges. I’ve totally accepted this debt is gonna rise and rise until I’m working a well-paying job later next year and I don’t really have the option of working a part-time job in school because the course load is extremely rigorous. Should I open up a new zero interest CC in the meantime? A card that would allow me to consolidate the debt onto one lower interest card? Take out a personal loan from the bank?

I’m just wondering what’s the best strategy to minimize the damage from now until I graduate next August and start making some real money. I’m aware there were ways I could have avoided getting into this situation, but I’m not going to bore you with the long story of how I got here.