Paying collections the smart way

I’ve had the money to pay off my collections and want it off. I just don’t like the games played.

Especially since one out of three collections is with Procollect who I hear really bad things from.

I’m in the military also- so I need them to make sure they take it off. I just don’t want to pay and get scammed.

My other 2 collections are medical. I got them when I had just turned 19… which sucks cause I didn’t have the money for those bills. I was just a college student and than I didn’t have money for college and joined the military.

I’m trying to get my finances back together. I’ve been doing great in saving- I just worry now about paying.

I think it’s fair- send me proof and I’ll pay the amount.

How should I go about this?
I’ve put myself through hell to save this money. I don’t have the mental strength to get knocked back down. Not to an extreme extent as in, losing thousands of dollars.