Is it worth it to spend 6k on a used car if I can try to find something cheaper?

TLDR: buy a used car for 6k from a mechanic who has already fixed issues or find something cheaper that won’t deplete my savings so suddenly. Car options are Nissan Sentra & Subaru forester. I’m not sure the model.

Hi all!

So my family is out of a car bc of bad financial planning (not on my end), and we need something to get us to and from work. I (24F who just learned to drive) was looking for a used car in the <4k range, but I don’t know much about cars and there’s so much you have to look into to know if a used car is worth it or not.

This car won’t be driven by all of my family—this will be my car as I needed one anyway. But I’ll help them if they need to get somewhere. I’m just now forced to look for one a little more quickly and less thoroughly than I anticipated.

Recently I’ve been scouring Facebook Market to see if I can find anything useful.

However, my boss knows a mechanic who’s working on cars right now—including fixing up any problems with the car, & is willing to fix it under warranty if there are any issues, etc.

His prices for the cars are between 6,000-6500.

6500 being for a Nissan Sentra & 6000 for a Subaru Forester. I’m not sure the models.

My question is—are these good deals for a used car? And is it worth it to spend that money, or should I look into cheaper options? I’m not sure the mileage of these cars yet—it’s something I’ll have to check out when I go see them.

I like this option just because at least a mechanic has already checked it and fixed any issues. But the thought of spending 6k (most of my savings) hurts.

Although I can pay 3k down and then pay off the other 3-3.5k with a payment plan. I can also try to find something cheaper but that sounds like a gamble.

Please let me know if this sounds like a good car deal to you guys!!! And which car is the best option. Thank you!