Am I too liquid? Should I open a taxable brokerage account?

Got 100K in HYSA. Should I open a taxable brokerage account? Im 27F, make $94k base salary, $135k total comp, and live in a very HCOL area. I max out my 401K, Roth IRA, HSA.

I will pay ~50K in student debt loan whenever that resumes, so I can easily pay this in full when the need arises.

My parents still pay for my rent ($1,325/month) and other necessities but can take over soon now that I have stable income.

I would like to buy a house (average costs in my area is unfortunately $1M), but I have no clear idea when or if it’s at all possible. If I have no clear ideas yet on buying horizon, is it better to keep my money in stocks through a taxable brokerage account (index funds) for the meantime?