Marriage Pros and Cons

Me and my partner are fully committed. My partner has about $30k in student loans and $6k on a car loan. I have 0 debt. I make roughly 3x as much as my partner, enough to have exceeded the income limit for a Roth IRA. I am currently working with a financial advisor to fix the Roth IRA situation as this is the first year I’ve exceeded the income limit. My question is, what are the FINANCIAL pros and cons of us getting married? There are tax breaks, but also higher student loan payments when married. I’m also aware I could contribute to their roth while they pay down debt, but not sure what would be the best route for us both. To get married now, or to hold off until debt is down? Reiterating that we will eventually get married and finances are the determining factor for that timeline

Edit: household income is roughly $270k