Should I sell my car and invest the money?

Dear Reddit,

3 years ago I turned 18 and got for my birthday a budget for my car, which was 15K. I was a nice looking car for 20K and I decided to add 5K of my own money on top of the budget from my family and buy the car of my dreams.

As time has passed I more and more realizes that the purchase was from a financial standpoint a very bad decision.

Recently I checked again the price of my car and to my surprise, my car is still worth around 20K-23K – meaning it is worth the same or even a bit more.

I am now thinking about selling my car, buying a used car instead (maybe up to 5K) and investing the rest.

I already got some of my money in the Crypto Market and the S&P 500. My plan would be to invest the rest of the money in the S&P 500.

My question now is: is it worth, selling my car or should I keep it?