Are expense ratios on actively managed fund worth it?

Hello I am somewhat new to investing but I think I have the basics down. I’m 24 and have a Roth IRA with capital group mutual funds. Capital group seems to get a lot of hate on Reddit since they have a high interest rate and financial advisor will suggest them to clients for that reason. I don’t pay any interest rates on my accounts so I thought it was a good deal when I first opened my account a couple years ago. I’m now in a comfortable place where I can actually start maxing out my contributions.The more I do research about investing, it seems like a high expense ratio can hurt me in the long run. The growth fund of America has a 0.4% expense ratio and other places have little to no expense ratios. Is a higher expense ratio worth is on actively managed funds or should I move my Roth IRA elsewhere? If so any suggestions to where/what funds? Also does the timing of when I move my Roth IRA matter (ex: if the market is up or down)?

Appreciate your responses!