Advice on inheritance

Brief introduction, I’m 24 living in the United States and would like to think I’m handling everything the best way possible. Figured it doesn’t hurt to ask for advance though and this seems like a good place to do it. My father passed a couple of years ago and left my brothers and I a pretty sizable inheritance.

Currently I have 75k in an individual investment account, 16k in a roth Ira, and 44k in an inherited ira. This is all being held in fidelity and I’m using the Fskax fund for all of it. Along with those investments I have 30k just sitting in savings and am unsure what to do with it. I’m definitely going to use a portion of it to max out my roth for this year but I feel as though I should wait for the market to improve? As for the rest of it should I just put it into my individual investment account? I’m trying to be as smart as I can about this and retire early if possible, just need a little help.

I’m currently working as a waitor so a 401k isn’t an option. Currently living with my parents, own my car outright and have no other debts if anyone was curious about those aspects. Definitely don’t want to be a waitor forever but don’t know what else I’d do at the moment and it’s decent money so it’s easy to stay doing it. I just want to set my future self up for success and retire early if possible. Any help is greatly
appreciated, thank you and have a good day.