Vanguard or Fidelity?


Hi all,

So I posted a few weeks ago about how I had about 50k in savings, was trying to figure out how/where to start an investment portfolio and 401k, and that I was in a career transition and was unemployed for a while.

Well, happy news, I got a job working remote (thank god! 🥳). When I posted, people had lots of different info to share but I’ve still been a little lost.

I want to start my 401k but was unsure what people preferred more between Vanguard and Fidelity, the differences, and why you prefer one or the other. These were the two options I’ve seen the most on this sub.

I think I would want my 401k and investments all in one place for right now starting out, I think it would be much easier for me as someone that is learning all of this completely on my own. But if that’s not a good idea for some reason, please let me know lol

My plan is to take a close to half of my savings, and then split that half into investments and 401k. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Thanks 🙂