Whole Life Insurance with NWM-backing out

I got referred by my friend (classic I know) and had a guy from NWM make me a whole proposal for whole life insurance. I originally thought it was a good idea- i have a funded emergency fund, can max out my roth, have a separate 401k (not currently maxing out) and another portfolio that I contribute to (mutual funds mainly). I figured it was another good way to save money (and I would still be able to contribute to my current accounts). I did the testing for life insurance too already, but now I’m talking to more people and reading more about NWM and how their life insurance policies aren’t worth it.. I already was a bit on the fence with the guy since he made me feel like my finances weren’t good, and now after researching more I don’t know if I should continue. Can I back out if I’ve already done the life insurance test? I haven’t linked any accounts or sent money, but did give some account forms when he made my portfolio. TIA!