Here are my options for Fidelity 401K. I currently have 70% FSKAX, 30% FSPSX. I should have just chosen a target date fund. Thoughts?

27 years old, $95k base salary, $115k total comp, HCOL area, open to maxing out 401K

My current portfolio:

70% FSKAX (Fidelity Total Market Index Fund) – $22,500

30% FSPSX (Fidelity International Index) – $10,100

My problem is that FSPSX invests in non-US developed and emerging market stocks from Europe, Austrolasia, and the Far East, which isn’t entirely like VXUS.

Is my portfolio still diverse enough? Or should I have just chosen a Target Date Fund?

Here are my [current options with my Fidelity 401K]( How should I max out my 401K?